Greatest Olives

Telal is the symbol of quality!


To be a leader produces of integrated Mediterranean food products though producing high quality standard and innovative products inspired and comply with Mediterranean diet.


To produce finest quality of Mediterranean products to our customers around the world


elal products are healthy and safe for you and your family. We bring them to you from the goodness of Nature.

We are a leading company – with over 10 years of experience-in producing and packing Mediterranean food products starting with olive oil, table olives, pickled vegetables, tomato paste and vinegar.

Our product range is being developed to produce better and more products to achieve our goal of being a leader producer of integrated and developed Mediterranean food products and this is being done through continues hard work and innovation.

We produce finest olive oil quality through cold pressing handpicked quality olives from different regions on Egypt; this enables us to make the perfect blend of olive oil to produce our unique “telal” flavor.

We pick the ripe well planted olives and vegetables to produce our different products of table olives, pickles and tomato paste.

Telal is the symbol of quality!

estate libraty tasting

estate libraty tasting

estate libraty tasting

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