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About Telal

Since 2007, Telal Company embarked on a journey dedicated to olive cultivation, harvesting, and pressing, aimed at delivering top-quality extra virgin and virgin olive oil. Our products cater to both individual consumers and establishments such as restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, and cosmetic companies. We take pride in adhering to rigorous international quality standards, meeting the criteria set by the Olive Oil Council and International Standards.
Building upon this foundation, Telal has undertaken the responsibility to offer a diverse range of healthy products designed to meet and exceed customer satisfaction. Our product lineup includes pickled olives, vegetables, natural bee honey, oats, brown sugar, and brown rice.
At Telal, we are committed to providing essential information about these healthy products, guiding individuals on how to create delicious and nutritious meals. We aim to support those who aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle by offering valuable insights into the preparation of wholesome and satisfying dishes. Telal is not just a company; it’s a story of dedication to quality, health, and the pursuit of a vibrant life.

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Our vision

Providing natural oil and healthy food all over the world while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our mission

To become an organization that reaches outstanding success in Olive oil and healthy food.

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