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In recent years, the general culture of the importance of branding and its importance has developed in recent years A year in marketing, it has become companies, people, and even business and project owners
The little girl went through many experiments in creating her own brand name, and as the idea grew, it took off Ideas about searching for companies, factories, and services that facilitate the brand’s work and for less
Costs and high quality, so companies and factories adopted the idea of packaging to account Others, which are characterized by many advantages, including:
Providing many products in the markets, thus increasing free competition and increasing quality Products.
Supporting small companies and projects and preparing them to enter the markets. Telal is one of the companies that supported the idea of mobilization on behalf of others, and facilitated the process Brand development through several factors, including:
Providing raw materials of high quality, naturally, and providing special equipment and machines Packaging and packaging, as well as providing human resources to organize it.
Applying international quality standards and taking into account preservation and storage methods.
Facilitating transportation operations throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Supply Companies

Trade is one of the sectors that enhance the strength of the Egyptian economy, and one of the most important
Factors of the country’s economic strength, as it provides goods, products and job opportunities, which
In turn, it contributes to increasing productivity, raising competencies, improving and developing products, and
Thus, encouraging the creation of markets with a competitive nature, and depending on the markets, they developed
Trade has developed significantly, especially after the Corona pandemic, as markets moved towards trade
Electronic technology, which has achieved great success in local and global trade, and by providing…
E-commerce has been able to obtain the required credits and support customer trust
By companies, institutions and merchants, it has become one of the most important means
To display products and services at the local and international levels.
Telal seeks primarily to support Egyptian markets and stimulate internal trade
Supporting local traders, and also seeking to open markets at the international level for the industry

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