The food industry affects the global economy, as it depends on converting…
Agricultural products are transformed into products of a long-lasting nature that have the ability to last for a period of time
Longer, with the use of diverse and advanced methods and techniques in preservation and storage,
Preserving its nutritional value and providing it throughout the year.
Tilal is one of the companies that supports the food industries, so it is interested in providing materials
Raw natural agricultural products in large quantities, high quality, and saving
All sizes that suit customers and their needs, and to suit the markets
Its development, interest in the latest methods of preserving and storing food, and modernizing types
Sanitary practices to maintain product safety.
Tilal provides wide services in the field of food transportation operations, to ensure and facilitate
The product arrives to customers, in the best condition and under the company’s supervision and control
Delivery to all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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