Telal Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a perfect olive oil from Telal with the lowest free fatty acidity. The unique olives carefully picked from the olive trees and directly starts to the journey. Washed olives are carefully filtered and bottled.
Its taste makes you feel a very mild burning in the nasal passage and a rare bitterness in the mouth. Thus, you will feel the unique taste of olive oil more intensely. It appeals to your palate with its flavor and lightness, and to your whole body with the beneficial ingredients it contains.
Since its production is completed without being exposed to heat, all useful components remain hidden. It does not contain any additives or preservatives.
It is the ideal oil with its taste, odor, naturalness, rich aroma and vitamins it contains. It adds flavor to breakfasts and salads as well as meals


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