Telal Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

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Telal premium olive oil is distinguished by its quality and purity. It is filtered in natural ways to remove impurities and residues, so it is pressed 100% natural. The most important thing that distinguishes Telal premium olive oil is its low acidity, which does not exceed 0.08%, as it has a wonderful taste and perfect aroma. By packaging, the olive oil is packed in the Air Tactics crew based on its quality and nutritional value

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Extra virgin olive oil from Telal is extracted from the finest types of olives, and is produced from the first pressing of the olive fruits, which is cold-pressed, that is, at a temperature not exceeding 27°C, to preserve all its properties and nutritional value. It is heart-friendly because it contains healthy unsaturated fats, and it is also beneficial for lowering blood levels. Cholesterol is in the blood, treats joint and bone pain, is a natural moisturizer for hair and skin, has many uses in cooking and cosmetics, and is used in some medical industries such as medicines and other health uses.


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